Welcome to Restaurant Desa

Back in Indonesia, Desa originally means ‘village’. It is well-known in Indonesia, that meal from village is very tasteful because of its freshness and genuine.

From ‘Desa’ philosophy, our chefs provide traditional and original Indonesian selected dishes with its fresh and best ingredients. We offer various menus, from rijsttafel to rames, from wine to banana ice. You named it, we got it.

With a perfect combination of delightful meal and comfortable atmosphere, you will surely hang smile on your face and coming back for more.


Do you plan to come visiting our restaurant soon? We will be glad to welcome you.


At Restaurant Desa, we have up to 250 seats available. It is a perfect place to arrange an group event, such as meeting, birthday celebration, group dinner, etc. Or even if you prefer to organize it at your own place, our catering service is available for you. More info and reserve please visit Group & Catering page at our website.